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Initial IT Solutions Ltd has been helping small-business owners ease their technology worries for nearly two decades. Our partnership guarantees you get the most out of your technology investment and that you always have access to recent advancements to gain an edge over your competitors. In fact, we’re known for our state-of-the-art solutions that truly make a difference in the way our clients work.

Expert solutions and services that mean big gains for your small business

IT Support & Consulting

Insight that improves your workflow, storage, security, and overall IT infrastructure.

Managed Services

A fully managed suite designed to free your focus to drive your business forward. We monitor your systems, protect against viruses, and ensure backups are performing successfully.

Cloud Services

Share files and apps online, and collaborate with your team anywhere, through any internet-connected device.

Security Solutions

Powerful systems keep your data and operations safe from risks and costly downtime.


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Connect with your team in one simple application. Don’t get caught up with eleven conversations in four different applications, or with thousands of emails flying around between staff contacts; Microsoft Teams enables you to chat instantly with your workforce in one solitary application, across any......

Carry out all your tasks within a single application With the vast array of tools available to us on our computers these days, it’s problematic to work out what’s best to use. Few apps are good for than one thing, driving us to juggle copious......

Recognise and act on cyber threats to your business with Endpoint Detection & Response   Learn lessons from cyber-attacks to better protect your business Businesses are facing well equipped and dangerous attackers, including nation states and cyber-criminals that are strong-minded to crack your cyber defences.......

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