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I have always had a fascination with technology. It all started helping my father build computers at the age of 11.


Now I have worked professionally in IT for more than 15 years.


In my early career, I was constantly frustrated at how overcomplicated IT was made for clients by their support companies.


Clients were unable to make accurate decisions as they were constantly bombarded with industry buzz words and three letter acronyms. Overpriced and complex systems were installed without any understanding of what the clients really needed.


I developed a passion to make it simpler. And it grew into a desire to help businesses use technology to grow turnover and net profits.


I started Initial IT to help clients better understand the technology they were investing in. Allowing them to make smarter decisions to help drive the company forward.


Initial IT now helps 100s of people every day, by providing Simple, No Fuss, Friendly IT Support.


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