Cloud Data Backup


Automatic data save-and-store features provide peace of mind all day long

Data Backup


Avoid becoming one of the unfortunate businesses to lose cloud-based data because of a glitch or hacker attack with Cloud Backup For Office 365.


It allows unlimited backups and archiving, ensuring your files and folders will always be available over the internet. And there’s also an advanced search option that pinpoints your data’s location for one-click restoration that minimizes downtime if data ever goes missing.

Cloud Backup from Initial IT gives you:


Speed – Retrieve lost data within minutes, not hours


Security – Rest easy knowing files are properly backed up and secure from risks of cross-file infection


Thoroughness – Every piece of data gets backed up and safely stored throughout the day


Automation – Automatic backups guarantee all crucial files are updated and readily available

Reap all the benefits of technology without the complexities

When you place all your IT responsibilities in our capable hands.