Initial IT have consistently provided an excellent service and offered professional advice. This has helped us improve our IT systems including getting the right hardware and software tools to run our successful business.

Em & N Boutique
Em & N Boutique
11:35 13 May 20
Initial IT have provided IT services to our business for a number of years, however in light of the current situation with regards to COVID 19 Initial IT have proved to be invaluable. Our staff moved to working from home very quickly and easily and the service provided by Initial IT has not faultered. Would highly recommend.
Simon Cox
Simon Cox
09:55 21 Nov 19
I am the Founding Director at The Apple Yard and we help companies that want an injection of creativity to help them wow their audience and stand apart.Andy approached us in a friendly, helpful way on LinkedIn with offer of IT help and advice.As with a lot of solicitations on LinkedIn, I was initially a little dubious, but took the opportunity to have a chat with Andy about our IT setup and potential areas of weakness.My suspicions were quickly dispelled, as Andy was very knowledgable; listened well to our current situation and needs; he offered helpful pointers without confusing IT jargon or technical details; and overall he was genuinely out to help, rather than hit us with a hard sell.As a result of our chat with Andy, I was much more encouraged about our IT situation and had more peace of mind. I am in a better situation to take on dedicated IT support in the future as a result of Andy's input.If you are looking for a, IT professional who can give you solid advice and follow up with a robust service, I would recommend Andy to you.
Becky Smith
Becky Smith
20:15 30 Jul 19
Premium Sales first engaged the services of Initial IT for a premises move. I am pleased to say that this was a seamless process headed up by the Owner of the business, Andy. Completed out of normal working office hours, we were able to enjoy no disruption or down time whatsoever. Andy liaised with ourselves and the telecommunications provider to ensure all bases were covered. We also use Initial IT for our general maintenance and cyber security. We have had several site visits from Andy's number 2, Dave, who has been a pleasure to deal with also.
CTS Toner Supplies Ltd
CTS Toner Supplies Ltd
08:51 18 Jul 19
Great IT support company, deals with day to day tasks quickly and efficiently. Any issues that arise, they are on it straight away. Never had an issue with delays on resolving them.Would recommend for your business IT support.
andy price
andy price
07:10 07 Nov 17
Lee Gwinnett
Lee Gwinnett
10:30 05 Apr 17
Sorted out our internal business network and offsite back up. They took the time to listen to what we wanted and advised us on all the options that were available. There was no pressure or hard sell which we really appreciated. Great service and really competitive on price!
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Computer Security

Home Computer Security

Computer Security

Computers are the work horses of your business; constantly running, writing documents, communicating with other people and designing artwork etc. It is critical they are kept at their optimum functionality.

Initial IT manages this burden for you.
  • We install “top of the range” antivirus tools.
  • We monitor these tools - so you are confident they are doing their job.
  • We respond quickly to detected threats.
Unfortunately, just having good antivirus software isn’t enough. There are other precautions we strongly advise.

Software updates

Software updates, whether for Windows, Apple or 3rd party software, are essential to stop the ‘nasties’ on the internet getting into your computer

Initial IT takes care of this for you. We constantly monitor for missing updates and schedule installation at a suitable time.

Problems under the hood

Problems do happen with computers; strange errors pop up and programs just stop working. Our proactive monitoring platform constantly checks for issues. We can often fix them automatically, without affecting you at all.

Threat prevention

99% of malware, viruses, phishing and ransomware attacks come from the internet; so we implement solutions to keep you safe online

Our best of breed advanced web protection tools ensure websites you visit are safe and free from threat. Websites are checked using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


Hypothetically, if a laptop is infected, this is normally not too much of a problem. By contrast, if you are hit by a particularly toxic virus, such as ransomware, we guarantee you are protected. In the event this did happen, and you had not already involved an IT company, you would have a massive problem on your hands. It could be too late, and you may have missed the opportunity to salvage the situation.

Email security

Our email security tools are state of the art. They use advanced Artificial Intelligence to ensure only legitimate mail reaches your inbox.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services enable businesses to work better, together with their team, from anywhere. Many of the companies we support these days don’t even have an office. They work 100% remotely. This is only possible with the use of Cloud Services.

We can now provide companies of all sizes with technology that used to be only available to massive organisations, due to the cost. Now the price tag is much more affordable.

Cloud Services allow for a flexible working environment, specifically designed around how you want to work.

Cloud Services bring together lots of complex services into a single easy- to-use interface.

About Initial It

We have been helping small-business owners ease their technology worries for nearly two decades. Our partnership guarantees you get the most out of your technology investment and that you always have access to recent advancements to gain an edge over your competitors.