Cyber Security Solutions


Protect your network against every possible threat

Cyber Security


Our Security Solutions give you robust, round-the-clock protection against a wide and evolving range of cyberattacks and data breaches. Your platforms will be protected and your software will be fully managed so you never have to worry about hefty regulatory fines, financial losses, or long-term reputation damage as a result of a data breach.


Don’t leave the protection of your business and your customers’ critical data to chance. Take advantage of our low-cost, high-impact Security Solutions today.

Security Solutions from Initial IT give you:


Top-tier Firewalls – To block unauthorised users from entering your system


Comprehensive Network Evaluation – To spot system weaknesses before cybercriminals use them against you


Robust Anti-malware Software – To pinpoint and remove malicious files before your employees get a hold of them


Advanced Content Filtering Tools –To ensure your team won’t be able to access suspicious websites

Reap all the benefits of technology without the complexities

When you place all your IT responsibilities in our capable hands.