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Data backup, disaster recovery & business continuity by Datto


Data backup and disaster recovery are two entities that make up a business continuity plan. But for the plan to be effective, the two need to work together seamlessly in order to guarantee data security, availability, and your ability to continue operations no matter the catastrophes. Initial IT has partnered with the industry’s leading security and data backup company, Datto, to ensure all that.


Our comprehensive range of GDPR-compliant Business Continuity and Data Backup solutions keep your data safe on-premises and in the cloud, and restorable within hours not days. Even if disasters befall your business, you’ll be able to minimize costly downtime, continue operations, and prevent your clients from taking their business elsewhere.

Datto services from Initial IT includes:


Datto ALTO – Enterprise-level business continuity available at a small-business price.


Datto SIRIS – Fully-integrated data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity in a single solution.


Datto NAS – Robust network storage solution with built-in data protection.


Datto Drive – Store, sync, and share your files safely from any device.


Datto SaaS Protection – Complete security for your Office 365 and cloud application data

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