Shield your Business properly, with EDR


Shield your Business properly, with EDR

Recognise and act on cyber threats to your business with Endpoint Detection & Response


Learn lessons from cyber-attacks to better protect your business

Businesses are facing well equipped and dangerous attackers, including nation states and cyber-criminals that are strong-minded to crack your cyber defences. Attacks are on the upsurge and, with the random nature by which IT networks are penetrated, it’s becoming an ill-fated inevitability that we will all suffer from an attack at some point, regardless of whether we have been precisely targeted or not.

We shouldn’t have to sit back and suffer… with the perilous rate of attacks taking place, why should we not learn lessons from what’s occurred and use those lessons to better advance our barricades for next time?


Adapt & better defend yourself with Endpoint Detection & Response

With an Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) service, you’re not only dynamically alerted to attacks taking place, but you will also benefit from intellectual insights that break-down the steps involved to spot patterns & stop the same attack from taking place yet again.

All credible security vendors that supply & support EDR services will licence their customers access to the global intelligence and remedial protection insights gained internationally from distributions of their software across each endpoint device.


What can we do with the insights?

EDR supports targeted attack analytics, which is a holistic approach to attack detection. Making advanced AI and expert threat research available to any organisation that’s a customer of the EDR product.

There is no longer the need to physically correlate scans of your devices, with limited intelligence gained from only your own network. This disjointed approach results in visibility gaps, too many false positives, longer threat dwell times and less precise detection.

With the power of EDR, your outsourced IT partner or internal IT personnel, can be the step-ahead in shielding your business with security awareness otherwise unobtainable to them.


How does EDR work?

EDR collects event data across multiple termination points, including end user computers, servers, email and cloud applications, providing a complete view across the business and a global view based on telemetry from thousands of enterprises.

The security vendor employs data scientists that create analytic applications, which employ the newest artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning techniques to detect distrustful activity. This activity is inspected by their own attack investigation teams, who’s role it is to control actual attack patterns occurring in your environment and feedback critical updates to your console in real time, with details of the attack actor, the devices impacted by the attack and advice on remedial actions to take to patch-up & protect further exposure.

Who are Initial IT?

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