Security threats that hide inside your Mobile Devices

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Security threats that hide inside your Mobile Devices

The security threats to your mobile devices

While the debate is still on whether smartphones actually make us smarter or dumber, no one can deny the fact that is has become such a versatile and pervasive technology in our life. With everything from grocery shopping to bank transactions going digital our mobile devices have become more than just handy communicators. Everyone carries their mobile devices as if it were a small little world in their pockets and if one were to lose it, it feels like a world of loss. Every detail of your financial records and personal life can be easily breached when your mobile security is compromised.

Someone knowing your spending patterns can be inconvenient, them being able to hack personal data and breach into bank accounts can be rather disastrous. Data, identity and availability everything that hacker needs can be easily harvested from a mobile device when it is not properly secured.

Here are some possible threats you should be aware of. It doesn’t hurt to be a little careful.

  • Application-based threats

Just recently Google removed around 85 apps from the Playstore due to suspected malicious activities. This is alarming because the very apps you use for productivity and entertainment could be a backdoor to some code that steals your information. Or they could introduce vulnerabilities in your mobile that other hackers could easily exploit. Some types of apps that you need to be wary of are:

  • Malicious apps that leak out personal and business data stored in your mobile to a third party. These are some tiny little security bombshells that can sneak up behind your securities and send data back to the attackers.
  • Spyware apps. They may sound cool but when they do their job, these apps are like tracking devices that you cannot shake off. Spyware spy on your mobile interactions and data and leave ways for vulnerabilities to be exposed.
  • Viruses and trojans could piggyback on some applications and attack your mobile devices without being detected.
  • Drive-in downloads are apps that get installed without your consent and remain hidden. It could be a bot or a simple app that misses your eye but never misses to tarnish your security efforts. So, remember to always install apps only from a verified source and make that a default setting.


  • Web-based threats

Just as PCs are infected with viruses and malware when they browse certain sites, a mobile browser can also be exploited to launch an attack. Applications like pdf reader that work alongside your browser can also be part of a possible threat. The first visible sign you can see when your browser has been compromised is that the homepage has changed all of a sudden.

Phishing emails and grayware apps are another set of malware that can disrupt your privacy options and lead to some serious damage. Never send your authentication details over an unsecured network.

  • Network-based threats

Wife interference and similar attacks on connected networks kike Bluetooth and gsm can be a bug headache against your mobile security. With more and more devices getting added to an ever-growing wide network, one needs to be extra careful about the network you choose to connect with to avoid unauthorised access to data.

Don’t just plug into every public Wi-Fi you get and treat it the same way as a home network. Tread carefully as every public Wi-Fi is possible enemy territory. Always make sure your network configurations are set to proper settings when you connect to that hotel Wi-Fi you get. Your data traffic can be easily monitored via public networks and any unencrypted data can easily be breached.

  • Rooting and jailbreaking

Do not attempt to root your mobile devices unless you have necessary use for it. While such a nerdy thing to do might give you the freedom to develop and run any app you wish, it also compromises your device security. The loss of security is much severe in android phones and you cannot update your iOS once you jailbreak. This makes it difficult for you to get security patches and lose out on inbuilt trusted features that help in reducing threats.

  • Physical threats

Finally, the physical loss of your device when it is stolen, lost or misplaced could be more devastating than any of the above threats. Always keep a backup of your important data in cloud or personal storage. Try to employ some fail-safe locking mechanism like devices with fingerprint and face unlock. Be aware of data and device ownership when a mobile device from your business is involved. Make sure you do treasure your device not just for its monetary value but for all the personal data which could be anything from your embarrassing photos to sensitive business information.


In Summary

Securing your data is not only essential but can save your Business from utter disaster.

Protect your data, shield your Business from collapse, Cyber threats are real, and they want your personal information.

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