Your printer is a spy!

Your printer is a spy!

Is your printer out to get you?

You probably answered ‘yes’ immediately, didn’t you?

But we’re not talking about paper jams, mysteriously lost documents, and those other moments where you’d have visions of happily launching your printer from a first floor window 🤣

No, we’re talking about your printer as a cyber security risk.

If your printer is connected to your network (which is highly likely), hackers can ‘eavesdrop’ on your network traffic. Obtaining confidential information and the documents that you send from your devices to print.

Did you know that your printer has internal data storage? If it were to be stolen or incorrectly disposed of, the data that you’ve stored on it could fall into the wrong hands.

And what about that network-connected printer being accessible via the internet? If it isn’t properly secured or password protected, potentially it’s not just you that can access it.

That’s scary.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your printer is secured. You just need the right expert advice and guidance.

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